Energy Healing

What is energy?

We share a universal energy known as Chi or Prana. This life force is gives you and all beings vitality to live, grow and thrive. Similar to the gas tank in a car, energy levels change. Misaligned, low or blocked energy causes disturbances in the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Wellness and energy awareness extends far beyond how we operate day-to-day. We also carry energetic impressions or memories from the past that impact our mindset, unconscious and conscious behaviors.

What is energy healing?

Energy Healing is an overarching term for energy-wellness related techniques, modalities and practices to heal past and present misalignments of your energetic body or field. We are naturally wired to pick-up on or sense energy. Often this is called ‘good or bad vibes,’ feelings and intuition.

Through training of various types, Energy healers have heightened senses developed to tap into the energy field to bring healing and alignment back to the body. Energy healing is an umbrella of techniques, practices and modalities. 

Energetic-U provides a directory of energy healing centers, and healing practitioners as well as retail store locations and bookstores that promote energy-wellness related services and products.

Why You Should Consider Energy Healing?

Energy and energy healing is not a religious practice or belief. As described above, energy is an undeniable life force shared all by beings.

Energy healing is a powerful tool to assist you in living the life you desire and deserve. Humans and all living beings exist to live healthy, full and abundant lives. Energy healing works excellent on its own as a wellness tool, or even in partnership with traditional counseling and/or other treatments.

People seek energy healing for a number of reasons such as but not limited to:

  • Stress
  • Physical and emotional trauma
  • Chronic pain and illness
  • Mental blocks
  • Negative emotion
  • Emotional balancing

About Us


C. Nicole Hill is a touch therapist certified in Reiki and Energy Healing. She was trained, practiced energy healing and led meditations at the Center for Energy Healing in Roswell prior to founding Energetic-U.  As an intuitive-touch therapist, Nicole works with the body’s energetic (chakra) system to release blocked or misaligned energy, which often presents as pain, illness or emotional distress. Clients seek energy healing for various reasons including relief of stress, chronic pain, illness, emotional healing, and relaxation.

For centuries, modalities in energy-medicine have been practiced in Eastern countries. Western science is now acknowledging the effect of emotions on physical health and wellbeing. To learn more and reserve a free consultation, contact Nicole at info@energetic-u.comor call, 770-727-6886.

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